Create a Center of Focus in Your Living Room with FDC Fires

The fireplace is the center of focus for your home and to create that quality and touch of style, you may need to install a stove that is designed of the right material. We are professionals in installing and maintaining fires, stoves, and chimneys and this is why we recommend the FDC Fires for a traditional or authentic heating solutions.

Whether you need fires designed of natural marble, limestone, or cast and iron and steel, you can get them from us. We can choose the right masterpiece from FDC Fires that meets the space requirements in your room while also adding the rustic feeling you need as well as warmth.

The Clean burning stoves from FDC Fires offer excellent heat output and enhanced efficiency by making use of advanced firebox and combusting technology coupled with draught-controlled tertiary airwash system. Our highly trained team of technicians can inspect your home to determine the right fires and stoves to be installed.

Whether it is a wood burning stove or multi fuel appliance, you can rest be assured that FDC Fires will meet your choice. Our services are available in various locations including Plymouth, Ivybridge, Devon, Cornwall, Kingsbridge, Newton Abbott, Tavistock, South Brent, and St Austell, among other areas.