thermoThe dangers of a faulty chimney

Whatever form of heating you use – coal, gas, oil, log-burning, etc. – an efficient chimney flue is essential to you… for both economy and health.

Inadequate insulation causes condensation, which combines with the fumes to produce sulphuric acid.
This attacks the brickwork, eating into the mortar resulting in dangerous joint leakage, eventually leading to the total collapse of the chimney stack

Thermocrete is the answer

Thermocrete is a revolutionary process which allows your existing chimney to be re-lined without any constructional work.

The material used for this is Thermocrete B2 a lightweight but incredibly strong monolithic refractory castable.

It will restore your chimney stack to perfect condition (making it stronger than new), completely curing existing damage and preventing further deterioration.

Thermocrete is impervious to flue gases and acid attack; it also has excellent insulation properties.

thermo2The Benefits

  1. Quality Assured 25 year Guarantee.
  2. Quick Clean Installation.
  3. Minimal Disturbance.
  4. Increased Appliance Efficiency.
  5. Reinforced Chimney.
  6. Gas Tight Flue.
  7. Cleaner Living Environment.
  8. Easy to Maintain.
  9. Suitable for All Fuels.
  10. Domestic and Industrial Use.


How the Thermocrete chimney lining system works

thermo4The basic concept of the system is simple but extremely effective.

A rubber former is inserted precisely in position through the entire length of the flue. Special techniques are used to keep the former centralised, even if the flue has a 45° bend.

Thermocrete B2 material is pumped into the flue from the top of the chimney stack filling all voids, cracks and damaged joints.

When the Thermocrete has hardened, the former is deflated and removed leaving a perfectly smooth cylindrical flue.


Each flue is isolated

The Thermocrete System allows each appliance to operate with its own correct sized flue within one chimney stack.

This is essential in instances where appliances use different types of fuel.

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